The Macadamia nut industry is primarily known as a commodity industry. We want to bring Macadamias to the world and make them as popular as peanuts. By sourcing directly from the farmers and being passionate about product innovation, we can make the macadamia nut more widely available in nut products without taking shortcuts around quality or sustainability.

House of Macadamias is paleo-friendly, keto, plant-based and has no: wheat, dairy, gluten, egg, animal products, GMOs, artificial colors, preservatives, palm oil or added sugar. Macadamia nuts are also low allergen and naturally low in carbohydrates. 

The Macadamia nut provides unrivalled levels of heart-healthy and brain-boosting monounsaturated fats. Additionally, they are also one of the rare sources of Omega 7, a unique fatty acid linked to both collagen regeneration and enhanced metabolic health. And, unlike other pro-inflammatory high lectin-containing nuts, macadamias are gut-friendly, providing a nutritional powerhouse of antioxidants, minerals and essential nutrients.

Erythritol is a sweetener derived from the skins of various fruits & vegetables. Unlike other sugar alcohols that can cause gastric upset, erythritol is a smart sweetener that is not fermented in the gut and is absorbed directly from the small intestine with little to no impact on blood sugar levels.

The fat found in macadamias is a healthy monounsaturated fat that has amazing heart, brain and metabolic health benefits. Additionally, macadamias are one of the rare sources of Omega 7, a fatty acid that has been shown to help with weight management and fat metabolism.

We ship to the UK, USA and South Africa.